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18 Dec 2017

Unlocking new demand for your hospitality business.

According to United Nations World Tourism Organization the  hospitality industry is directly responsible for:-

  1. Economic growth. With 7.7 trillion dollars, tourism accounts for  7% of all international trade.
  2. Employment, sustainability  and social inclusion .  Travel and tourism industry  supported over 292 million jobs in 2016.  The industry is not only one of the largest job creators in the world, accounting for 1 in every 10 jobs but also responsible for facilitating “mutual cooperation and  intercultural understanding” among people of different backgrounds. Such diversity and inclusiveness is unmatched in any other industry.
  3.  Strengthening communities and boosting international trade. In 2015 alone, lower and lower middle income countries received more than 29 million international tourists.

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of the industry is how it spans across disciplines and touches billions of lives daily. At ellobed we’ve often wondered what constitutes the hospitality industry?

Is it  just accommodation? The big hotels and the small shacks?

Is it just the transport? The Airlines, the railways and the roadways?

Or is it simply the luxury of spas and massage centers?

After hours and hours of brainstorming the best answer we could come up with is this. Hospitality is all about people.  It is our great unifying trade. From the programmer who puts up your booking website to the delivery boy who stocks  your restaurant’s kitchen. From the air traffic controller to the scuba diving instructor hospitality is about people.

Hospitality is about people because it is an  industry sells an experience.  An experience that is offered by a local community to the traveler. A courtesy that is offered by an ecosystem to a guest.

Hospitality is all about people and ellobed is all about you.

You the travel agent who makes a trip stress free for the tourist.

You the hotelier who offers a comfortable experience for the guest.

And for you whether you are a guide, a small shop owner, yoga instructor , booking manager, programmer, a marketeer or, in short, a member of this complex, inclusive and diverse ecosystem that makes that makes our industry stand out.

After spending countless days interviewing local communities , pouring over heaps and heaps of peer reviewed  research and seeing first hand the positive effects of tourism on the society we decided to share our findings with the travel community and contribute in our own little way to make the ecosystem more efficient for you and for everyone.

On our website you’ll discover the impact of tourism on our culture, technology and economy. You’ll  examine business case studies  describing how people have created a living for themselves and for their community and how you can do that too, for yourself and your community. You’ll find job opportunities within our ecosystem of small business owners and entrepreneurs.  You’ll learn  how you can stand out from the competition and create new sources of income for yourself and for your people.

As a business owner we’ll help you succeed by becoming your technology partner and keeping you at the forefront of the  technological innovation.  We’ll help you deploy your websites. We’ll manage your cloud  infrastructure. We’ll find talent that can help you run your business more effectively so  you can focus all your attention on your customers.

Technological innovation is at the heart of ellobed.  We firmly believe that technology is essential not only for sustaining growth but also for unlocking new market opportunities. But most importantly ellobed is all about you. So please become a part of our community and join us in our quest to make ecosystem even better for everyone.

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