7.3B people

6.5K languages

195 countries

And who knows how many customs, and cuisines and dances and theaters and stories and paintings and sculptures and monuments and forts and hotels and restaurants.

We are not entirely sure if one lifetime would be enough to visit all of 50,000 cities in the world. We can't really say how much time it will take to see all the beaches there are. Or all the mountains, the hills, rivers.

If you asked, we couldn't tell you how many trees swing in the wind. Or how many birds fly in the air. We don't know how many fishes swim the seas.

If you aksed you'd find we don't understand much about timezones. We certainly don't know anything about you.

We don't know and that is why we want you to tell us


Double your happiness. Share a Dream. Your moments of Joy.

Journal your most daring adventures. Write about your most spontaneous escapades. Share your most treasured travel moments. Connect with other fellow travellers. Read their tales. Get inspired to write your own.Experience new cultures. Find new places to go. Learn something new about your world everyday. Rediscover the joy of travelling. Inspire others to travel.

Inspirational travel stories Rediscover the joy of travelling

As seen in the images above your travel stories on ellobed might make you the talk of the town! Can you handle all the attention if that happens?

Marketing for your travel business


The online travel platform that lets you

Publish Tour Itineraries and Guides for your guests to follow. Lay down detailed instructions or encourage exploration by giving them subtle hints. Be specific or leave things to imagination. Our publisher studio gives you all the tools that you need to create your guides just the way you like them.

Create photo albums and trip highlights. Want your posts to be more visual. No problem upload as many photos as you like. Create albums. Caption your pics. Add videos. Don't hold back.

Create reservation pages Run a hotel? Own a spa? Offer a homestay? Tell everybody what's special about your place. Put up the prices. Add a few photos. Be ready to start getting inquiries from guests.

Create detailed maps Know about a cool hiking spot? Buried Treasure?* Embed maps in your posts and lead your visitors to you.

* we'll let that one be our little secret 50/50 split


The page is yours, get people talking

Embed images, videos, your facebook posts, your tweets, links to your website or anything else you can think of. Converse with your audience through in built facebook comments.

Create detailed author profiles. Tell the world all about your travel exploits. Publish a post as a part of a collection or create a standalone page to highlight all your brand activities. Write as an independent contributor or work collaboratively with your team. Create your own community.


A communication platform for Destination Marketeers

Highlight your travel partners, your accommodation providers and business associates. Increase your outreach and manage your communication. Get more guests.

Show your readers why they should be visiting your place. Tell them about all the things that they can do. Give them all the information they need to organize their trip. List all the sights to see. Create a photo album. Fill in your posts with as much detail as you like.

Get direct email inquiries, reservations and bookings in your inbox.


Opinions not ratings, stories not listings

Be the part of an open community where any one can publish their thoughts.

Inform, educate, surprise. Tell your story. Collaborate with other travellers. Compose your long form content comfortably or scribble down a few notes and hit send.

While we give you tools to generate more sales the platform is much more than just listing your room or your hotel. It is about connecting authentically with your audience.

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  • Γεια σου
  • নমস্কার
  • 안녕
  • Kia ora
  • ନମସ୍କାର
  • Cześć
  • alo
  • Hej
  • mambo
  • hyvää päivää
  • góðan dag
  • živjo
  • สวัสดีค่ะ
  • မင်္ဂလာပါ။
  • გამარჯობა
  • Grüss Gott
  • ನಮಸ್ಕಾರ
  • Grüezi
  • مَرْحَبًا
  • Haló
  • བཀྲ་ཤིས་བདེ་ལེགས